Signs of the End

A Discovery of Biblical Timelines

Days before his crucifixion, Jesus gave his disciples signs that would herald his future return in the generation that saw them. These signs have occurred and point to major events on the immediate horizon. This book uncovers the corresponding timelines and their amazing linkage. The mathematical precision, accuracy, and corroboration leads to only one conclusion. Find out how in this exciting new book for those who are looking for the coming King of Kings.

The updated and expanded book is now available. Published by, it has been reformatted to 250 pages, 19 chapters, 6 appendices, and 82 diagrams. It is 60% more book than the previous edition.

Release date – July 8, 2008.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” –Hosea 4:6a
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When Israel went against the will of God and selected Saul as king in 1096 BC it resulted that Israel did not observe the Sabbath year the next 490 years because of the high costs of maintaining a king. This had been forewarned. Therefore, in 606 BC King Nebachadnezzar was allowed to take Israel captive for 70 years for each year they failed to observe the Sabbath year over 490 years (7 x 70). But Israel was also to submit to King Nebuchadnezzar and they failed to do this as well. Nineteen years later in 587 BC Jerusalem was destroyed along with its Temple on the 9th of Av. For 70 years it was to lie in ruin. Israel had lost its sovereignty, which it still has never regained in the time known as the Time of the Gentiles.

However, from each point of these 70 years (at 360 days per year it is 69 solar years), events have occurred in modern history that has shaped Israel and the world politic. They are the following:

Time is running out for decisions to be made. For those who have not trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior, it is time to believe before the coming judgment. For those who have believed, it is time to understand and warn others.

  • In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 606 BC, the first Jewish settlement in Israel (Petah Tikva) began in 1878.
  • In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 587 BC, the first Zionist Congress met in Basle, Switzerland in 1897.
  • In the 2,520th solar year from 606 BC, WW1 began on the 9th of Av in 1914.
  • In the 2,520th solar year from 587 BC, Hitler arose and enacted Anti-Semitic laws on Passover 1933.
  • In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 537 BC, Israel became a nation in 1948.
  • In the 2,520th year (at 360 days per year) from 518 BC, Israel captured Jerusalem in 1967 during the Six-Day-War.

Some might believe this all to be a coincidence, but it seems clear that the countdown is now well underway. This would be the countdown to the seven-year Tribulation that is to last just shy of 2,520 days. Clearly these dates and their similar numbering should be a warning.

One parallel Jesus draws to the time of the end is the days of Noah. Noah was warned 120 years before the Flood—a Flood that when it began, rained for 40 days and 40 nights. These clues are indispensable in bridging the time from these warnings to the most prophesied time mentioned in the Bible.

Forty years after the timeline of 1933, the Yom Kippur War of 1973 occurred. The next such war with Israel and her enemies came in 2006. This war came at the 40th 360-day year from the timeline of 1967. In fact the exact day count of 40 times 360 equaled 14,400 days. Counting those days from June 7, 1967, the time ended on November 8, 2006. On the Hebrew Calendar it corresponded to Heshvan 17 and the anniversary day that began the 40 days and 40 nights of rain in the Flood. The Hezbollah War with Israel began 120 days before this date on July 12, 2006. The number of 120 is the similar period of warning and 14,400 days can also be expressed as 120 times 120. But this is not the only time that 40 and 120 are seen associated with these days. They are repeated time and again.

What is most interesting is that from the conclusion of the 14,400 days on a day of Noah in 2006, it is another 1,440 days to another day of Noah in 2010. At 12 times 120 days, the count reaches October 18, 2010. On the Hebrew Calendar it will be Heshvan 10. This is none other than the anniversary day God sealed Noah and the rest in the Ark seven days before the Flood. Forty days before this day will be the Feast of Trumpets and 400 days before Heshvan 17, 2006, it was also the Feast of Trumpets all in perfect ratio. There are simply patterns everywhere honing in on the same conclusions.

It is the conclusion of the book that 2010 to 2017 is the probable time of Daniel’s 70th Week—the time known as the Tribulation. The patterns are pretty clear and it would seem that all is pointing to these coming years. The warnings have been made, but how many will heed them?

All of the details can be found in the book or the updates from the Articles page.

“But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you like a thief.”
1 Thessalonians 5:4

“. . .If therefore you shall not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.”
Revelation 3:3b

From the original home page:

Welcome to the author’s site of the breakthrough book–Signs of the End: A Discovery of Biblical Timelines. This book is unique because it demonstrates four timelines to the signs Jesus gave in Matthew 24. These signs were world war (World Wars I & II) and the return of the land of Israel to the Jews (Its rebirth in 1948 and the regaining of Jerusalem in the Six-Day-War of 1967). Not until these events had transpired could the pieces of the puzzle be put into place. The signs Jesus gave are the keys to understanding the time of the end of this age.

These four signs are linked by timelines from specific events of the Babylonian Captivity (please see bottom chart on this page). The greater discovery is that all of these signs are like stepping stones with further timelines to events in our immediate future. Timelines that were right under our noses, waiting discovery.

The discoveries in this book are simply amazing. Time and again the day counts and calculations are precise to the very day demonstrating God’s signature accuracy. Not only is it accurate, but it also corresponds thematically to the Jewish holidays and key biblical anniversaries as found in the Jewish Calendar. The conclusions are not based on fanciful math, manipulation of historical dates, or the author’s creativity. This book is guaranteed to be original and thought provoking. It should bring us to our knees.

Don’t be left behind or be fooled by those left behind.

Learn about the timing of the Rapture of the Church, the Russian (Gog and Magog) led invasion into Israel, the rise of the New World Empire, the Seven-year Tribulation, the destruction of the third Temple in Jerusalem, the War against the Jews, and the final battle of Armageddon.

The tools for these discoveries were the Bible, historical events, calendars, and events in the heavens.

This is unlike any other book available on prophecy today and it will leave your life perspective changed. The mathematical precision of the discoveries leaves only these questions remaining:

Will we have the faith to be found watching for Jesus when he returns?
Will we have the faith to tell others that now is the time to believe in Christ?
Or will we not bother and scoff at the promised coming of our Lord and Savior?

“Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, `Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.’” 2 Peter 2:3-4

British General Allenby walking into Jerusalem, Hanukkah 1917.
Israel as a nation — May 14, 1948

Signs of the End is the result of biblical interpretation in light of its typical time spans and calendar comparisons. Instead of only relying on ancient dates, significant dates of the last century were examined in the light of both the Old and New Testaments. Once the first discovery was made, the other pieces fell into place with almost uncanny precision.

Signs of the End will answer such questions as:

What are the specific signs of the end?
How do all the signs link up and point to the future?
How close might we be to the start point of the Rapture?
Is it possible or legitimate to know the time?
What are we supposed to be doing and what is next?
What are the events in the heavens communicating?
What is the future of the leading nations of the world?
How do the days of Noah fit in with the end?
What was the significance of World War I and World War II?
Why did Jesus say, “no one knows the day or hour”?
What is the length of a generation?
What does God’s covenant with Noah on the 27th of Heshvan point to?
What is the future significance of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain model?
Why is Hanukkah linked to the times of Daniel 12?
What is the significance of forty 360-day years (14,400 days) from June 7, 1967 to Heshvan 17, 2006 (November 8, 2006)–the anniversary day the Flood rains commenced?
What was the significance of the Yom Kippur War of 1973?
How do the forty days of Teshuvah point to the Rapture day?
What did the crossing of comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp on April 11th one year apart communicate?
What is the future significance of the days of Rosh Hashanah, the 17th of Heshvan (the day the Flood rains began), Purim, the 17th of Tammuz, Easter, the 9th of Av, Yom Kippur, Tabernacles, and Hanukkah??

Signs of the End puts all of these questions together with numerous charts to aid in understanding the times in which we now live. By simply counting the days of a generation, the truth of the end time may be revealed. Read on to discover the incredible coincidences that will motivate the believer in Jesus Christ to action.

Daniel W. Matson graduated from Multnomah Bible College and Seminary in Portland, Oregon where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology and a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies. He and his family currently live in Kennewick, Washington.

Colonel Motta Gur on phone overlooking the Temple Mount, June 1967
Comet Hale-Bopp 1997

The following are samples of charts from chapter one. There are 37 charts in the book that clearly demonstrate what is unfolding.

The significance of these timelines are fully explained in chapter one of the book. The remainder of the book continues the timeline into the future and links it all together. The book demonstrates when and what will soon occur and why. The accuracy with which the entire model works in the book demonstrates similar accuracy as that of Daniel 9 and the time Jesus would be selected and crucified as the Passover Lamb. In fact the accuracy stumbled upon by this book happens repeatedly without complication or straining of the data. It would seem that God has set this up to reveal the time of Christ’s return. This may be controversial, but the book answers these tough questions by serious consideration of all Scripture.

NEW AMAZING DISCOVERY AND ADDITIONAL CHAPTER. The significance of Ahaz’s sundial with regards to Hezekiah’s sign when the shadow returned ten degrees (an extra 40 minutes). If this is the starting point in the shift from a 360-day calendar to a 365.2422-day calendar year, then all this time the extra days have accumulated to point directly to the same time already put forward in this book. The accuracy and precision is phenomenal.

This website looks for the best possibility of the coming time in light of the Bible and history. It is not an absolute prediction.

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